The 900 Project Scholarship Program

Est. in 2016

10 Haitian Scholarship Recipients

5 Dominican Scholarship Recipients.

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After the Latrine Project our team prayed and realized we weren’t done helping this community. Although each family has received a latrine there were still many needs and troubles that they face daily.

God has revealed to us that in order for them to THRIVE this village needs improvements in their corrupt educational system. In 2016, The 900 Project immediately took action.

After meeting with leaders in the village we handpicked 7 candidates to receive college scholarship funded by The 900 Project.

Each scholarship recipient will be getting their four year teaching degree, a passport for traveling and their required textbooks for school.

All have agreed to pursue teaching to come back to Tilory and restore the education system. In the past two years, we have seen such tremendous growth and success in the students, that in February 2019 we have committed to sending another 3 Haitian students to college!

On our trip in February we were able to meet these new 3 young men who will go to school. They are eager to get started and very grateful for this God given opportunity.

After our trip in August 2019, we realized some students are almost close to graduating! Many are about halfway done with their degree. In Haiti and DR, their education can take longer than in the U.S. because of the availability of certain classes and when they are being offered.

After the two years of education we have helped these students succeed by purchasing their books each semester. Little did we know they need more help, these students are in need of laptops to help further their success rate. If you would like to help sponsor a laptop for a student please contact us.

Our Amazing Scholarship Students