Round 1 - Building 1286 Latrines

Over three years ago, a group of teens and adults decided to do something crazy: Build 900 latrines. Just recently we went down see the completion of 900 latrines and see the progress towards a total of 1,286 that will be completed by November. It was amazing what we saw.

While visiting the hospital we were shocked that it was nearly empty, with only two patients in need of help. Just three years ago, the hospital had a line out the door. Who would have thought that latrines would have been so helpful!

Another impacting moment was to see the joy of the families as we put on the 900 Project stickers. They were just so thankful. Praying for them was amazing too, as our prayers for them were translated into Creole and Spanish. It was super awesome to see their smiles and thankfulness. 

It’s been amazing to witness the movement of God through this project. Through Him we were able to build 1,286 latrines. Thank you for supporting us and allowing God to use to help complete this project. 

If you want to help more, you can help the Cheerful Heart Mission, an organization that helped build hundreds of latrines with us to get to the 1,286 mark.  Visit their website at

900 project latrine.jpg

Project Update Videos From The Last Few Years