The 900 Project Partners With Linhart

The 900 Project Partners With Linhart Smile Care

This year, we had the opportunity to partner with Linhart, a smile care company based out of New York City, and deliver premium oral care products to the village of Tilory, Haiti. Linhart has committed to donating over 6,000 tubes of toothpaste and toothbrushes to Tilory, which will be disbursed throughout thousands of families among the village over the next year! However, our partnership goes deeper than just toothpaste. Team members from Linhart also traveled with us to Tilory, not only donating products and teaching vital oral care concepts, but also assisting in participating in our newest Breadfruit Tree Campaign! The 900 Project stands behind Linhart’s motto that “A Smile Can Change Everything”!

You are not only giving dignity and self-confidence back to people, but you are also providing opportunities where there was once hopelessness.

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