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Talk Show Host of Straight Talk No Sugar Added, Neena Perez, Interview The 900 Project leaders, Shari Paci & Tara Colberg June 2019

The 900 Project
- They have several project helping the people of Haiti and Dominican Republic. 100% of the money raised goes to the projects for the people in need.


What is a Breadfruit Tree?

Breadfruit is a fast growing tree native to the Pacific islands but can be cultivated, using propagation and grown naturally in very warm climates. A mature tree stands at an average of 85 feet tall and can produce up to 700 lbs of food per year. The Breadfruit tree produces fruit from June through November. Oxygenating the soil by its roots will dispense nutrients making Haiti’s depleted soil mineral rich and preventing future landslides.

A Breadfruit is a large green, round fruit that can easily provide the carbohydrate and protein portion of a meal for a family of five. The fruit similar in likeness to a potato, can be boiled, baked, fried, stewed or powdered into gluten free flour. The nutrition of a breadfruit surpasses all superfoods in the entire world. This protein, potassium packed food has the potential to solve world hunger!



The 900 project is a non-profit 501c3 organization that is raising money to help change the culture and community in the poor village of in Tilory, Haiti.

In partnership with the Trees That Feed Foundation, we have committed to bringing 5000+ breadfruit trees to the village of Tilory. The trees will be raised initially at one of Trees That Feed’s nurseries in Port Au Prince, and then transported to Tilory to be planted and cultivated.

This is a perfect project for Haiti due to the trees ability to grow at a rapid rate and need little maintenance. Haiti’s climate is ideal for this tropical tree that loves hot humid weather and does not require a lot of water and likes full sun. The tree needs to be planted in well drained soil which means Haiti’s land is perfect due to its rocky terrain.

Once the trees start growing they will produce fruit after 3 years. This will substantially change decades of starvation in the village of Tilory. The mass planting of 5,000 Breadfruit trees will help the economic growth by creating a market of buying and selling of Breadfruit.

Download the Brochure

Download the Brochure


We are so excited to share with you how God moved on our latest Short Term Missions Trip this August through Black Rock Church & The 900 Project. Are you interested in coming next year??? Inbox us!