Answers To Your Questions


If I donate to The 900 Project, what percentage of my money will actually be used building round 2?

Funds donated to The 900 Project will be used solely for the construction of Round 2 and implementation of the Project. The 900 Project members from the U.S. will be receiving absolutely zero financial compensation.

Will I be receiving a tax exemption for my donation?

Yes, The 900 Project, Inc. is a recognized not–for-profit 501(c)(3) public charity.  Donations are tax deductible under section 170 of the Federal Tax Code.

Where are the materials for the CHURCH & SCHOOL going to come from?  Do we plan on shipping them in from the U.S.?

The materials will be purchased on the island for installation. Shipping the materials in from the U.S. is far too expensive, and just unnecessary.

Who will actually be building the CHURCH & SCHOOL?  Will a construction crew be hired?  Are members of the 900 Project going down there to build them?

The 900 Project is currently working with an area director of a large humanitarian group.  He has organized the building of the latrines and is now helping us with the construction of the church and school.    He will be working along with the local church, in creating a committee of church leaders and trusted members of the community.  This committee will oversee the construction in Tilory.

Much of the labor for the project will be paid.  However, citizens of the village and local church will also be contributing in the construction.  By helping in the construction, the people will be allowed to take some ownership of this project, rather than just receiving a free handout.