Are you willing to buy a Laptop for one of our

Scholarship Students? 

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A laptop would help the Haitian Scholarship Students beyond their wildest dreams. These amazing students travel over 2 hours one way on motorcycles to get to college. Their classes are held in Cap-Haitian and are held on the weekends. They travel and study after teaching all week in Tilory, Haiti. They are making a name for themselves at college but are held back by lack of resources such as access to WiFi and computers. A laptop will help them during classes and at home to type out their papers.

For More Information Contact Shari Paci -

All purchases should be the same computer/make/model - We are in need of 10 Computers for the Haitian Scholarship Students

On the Dominican side we currently have 5 scholarship students. We just met with them this August 2019 and heard so many wonderful stories of their classes and experiences. They also expressed a strong need for a computer. On the DR side most of the teachers email their assignments, use a USB drive as well as use Gmail Suite. Currently, they are typing out every paper and homework assignment and turning it in from their phone. This is a very difficult to do and makes it hard to take have such pride and dignity in each assignment. With their use of Gmail Suite they said Chromebooks would work perfectly with their courses. We agreed to bring them 5 Chromebooks by Christmas 2019! If you want to purchase a Chromebook Email us!

For More Information Contact Shari Paci -

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