The 900 project is a non-profit 501c3 organization that is raising money to help change the culture and community in a poor village in Tilory, Haiti. Round 1 of the project was to help the community to SURVIVE. Our organization along with Cheerful Heart Missions helped to build each family a latrine (over 1,200) and with God’s help and provision we have eliminated Cholera in the entire village!

 After Round 1 our team prayed and realized we weren’t done helping this community. Although each family has received a latrine there are still many needs and troubles that they face daily. God has revealed to us that in order for them to THRIVE this village needs improvements in their corrupt educational system. The 900 Project has committed to take immediate action. After meeting with leaders in the village we hand-picked 7 candidates to receive college scholarship funded by The 900 Project. Each scholarship recipient will be getting their four year teaching degree and returning back to Tilory to serve their community to make a huge impact as a teacher. Not only are we sponsoring 7 students in Haiti but we are committed to 5 recipients in our sister church in the Dominican Republic. Under the guidance and leadership of Pastor Luis Fragoso each recipient will have to maintain high grades, serve in the church weekly and provide The 900 Project with their transcripts.

[Tuition Costs per year : $900 for 2 semesters + books]

[$900 x 12 recipients = $10,800 x 4 years = $43,200 commitment]

The 900 Project has already committed to support these scholarship recipients –

Please meet our first recipient Flavia Esmeralda Blanc Veras

She has already started her degree this fall at Utesa Dajabon

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Would you be willing to provide a scholarship? $900 for the year

($97 per month)

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Here Are Our 12 Future Teachers


The 900 Project has helped to build 1286 latrines in the village and eliminated cholera.


The 900 Project's vision is to help complete a new church building in the village.

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The 900 Project's vision is also to help renovate the old church into a school for 300 students.


After building 1,286 latrines in Tilory, Haiti, our team decided we were not done helping them. There were so many needs that we could focus on but we needed direction. So we prayed and spoke with a local pastor and decided on Education in August 2016. In Haiti, much of the educational system is corrupt, many teachers are not getting paid or properly trained. The 900 Project has committed to providing 7 college scholarships that will provide them with a teaching degree. Each has committed upon graduation to work as a teacher in their village of Tilory. They desire to improve the educational system and challenge students to thrive in life. Our goal is to reach $20,000 before we leave for our next missions trip June 23rd, 2018. 

Also, if you wish to come see the village for yourself, join us: 

contact Shari Paci 203-610-1306 II sharipaci13@gmail.com II 

More Information: 

Each college scholarship is $700 per student, per year

$700 per student, per year = $4,900 

$4,900 x 4 year degree = Total $19,600 



PM360 recently spoke to Josh John, Associate Director, Cardiovascular Marketing at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, about giving back in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

PM360: You recently went on mission trips to both Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Why were you there?

Josh John: I started working with a group called The 900 Project, which built more than 900 latrines in Tilori, Haiti over the course of five years. Tilori was experiencing an outbreak of cholera simply because people didn’t have anywhere to go to the bathroom. But since they started, they have been able to stop the outbreak.

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A Letter To Our Supporters


We are writing to you with SUCH excitement. As most of you know, The 900 Project has completed all 900 latrines. Not only that, but the Project was able to fundraise and build enough latrines for the entire village, a total number of 1,286! Praise God and His abundance over this project. Who could have imagined a bunch of high school kids and young adults could raise over $300,000 in less than 3 years’ time? The Lord’s hand was clearly at work. 

We want to thank each and every one of you for your financial support, prayers, and encouragement to the team during the past few years. There were many moments of fear, doubt, and anxiety that we would never be able to complete such a huge undertaking. I know many of us thought it would take a life time to finish. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. None of this would be possible without YOUR help.  

On our most recent trip, June 2016, we got to see first-hand the completion of the project. As we walked around we saw hope in everyone’s eyes. It was reported that there has not been even ONE case of cholera in recent times. Young children are growing up with a latrine on their property and its changing quality and quantity of life. Every one of us knows that the latrines had a huge impact on this village but we are writing to let you know that God’s work in Tilory is not done yet. Latrines helped this village to SURVIVE but God desires more than that, He wants the village to THRIVE

This past June we sent a small team to Tilory, Haiti to see what the next steps could be for The 900 Project. There are so many needs in Tilory such as water, education, hunger, electricity, and more! How could we possibly choose what to do next? We asked God to lead us on the next steps and He did just that! It’s so hard to help a village that needs almost everything! 

As our team walked around we saw the unfinished foundation of a building. We spoke with the local pastor, Pastor Anicex Joseph, who explained that it’s the start of his new church, Apostolic Faith Church. Their current building is used for church services and as a school during the week, but the building is run down and the number of worshippers has outgrown it.  His congregation raised over $22,000 American dollars to build this church but that’s how far the money got them. Construction had ceased until the church could raise more funds. It was at this moment that the next steps for The 900 Project started to become more clear.  

The 900 Project - Round 2 - The 900 Project has taken on the 3-part mantra – Survive, Alive, Thrive  

-Survive - The latrines were about staving off disease and helping to eliminate unsanitary conditions. 

-Alive – The 900 Project will be fundraising to finish the NEW church building.  Currently, during services, the entire church is packed with congregants pouring out the doors with some looking in through the windows.  This new church building will allow over 700 people to attend services each Sunday as well as be used for meetings and prayer groups during the week. The goal is for a continued increase in church attendance to allow for more people to become ALIVE in Jesus Christ and spend eternity with Him. The plans have already been drawn up, and once finished, this well-constructed building will also provide a safe refuge for the community during a natural disaster. The total cost for the Apostolic Faith Church will be $120,000. 

-Thrive – The education system in Tilory is broken.  There are a number of children that do not attend school, or start their schooling late making it difficult to catch up to their classmates.  The majority of teachers do not have proper training.  School buildings and supplies are lacking.  So, we have made an agreement with the Pastor to allow for the basement level of the new church building to be used as a kindergarten for over 100 students.  Meanwhile, the current church will be renovated to become a full time Christian school for over 300 students. Learning centers will be equipped with desks, chairs, and materials.  We want as many kids as possible to get an education in Tilory because we want them to THRIVE in life. The total cost for the renovation would be $116,000.  

Educational Scholarships will be awarded to 15 current, older students who desire to become teachers. The scholarships would pay for tuition at the University, and for textbooks.  These scholarship winners will then return to their village to teach.  The total cost for the 15 students to get their teaching degrees would total $12,000 per year for 4 years. 

Would you like to be part of Round 2 for The 900 Project? Please pray about getting involved financially or become a part of the team traveling to Haiti this June 2017. Please help us to raise our first GOAL of $12,000 to send the teachers to school immediately before January 1, 2017! All donations received before January 1st will be tax exempt for the 2016 fiscal year. Thank you for all your past support and we will keep you updated in the future with all that is going on with The 900 Project, Round 2. Please do not hesitate to email us with any thoughts or questions you may have, we would love to hear from you. 


The 900 Project Team     

To get involved you can: 

  • Connect your Amazon account to Smile.amazon.com – connect it to “900 Project Inc.” to help! 0.05% of your purchases will be donated to The 900 Project account 
  • Email us if you would like to go on the June 2017 Trip to Dominican Republic + Haiti 
  • Become a part of the fundraising team locally 
  • Make a one-time donation or become a monthly donor through the website 
  • Pray for Round 2 and our goals to be reached for God’s Glory 


Get Involved Today


The 900 Project is all about getting people involved in the cause of helping the kids and families in Tilory, Haiti.  We want to encourage you, your family, your school or church to get involved in raising awareness and funds for The 900 Project.

Get Yourself Involved:

  • Looks for ways to cut spending so that you can give to The 900 Project.  Examples:  daily coffee run, cable bill, cell phone bill, new furniture, new car
  • Take time each day to think of those in Tilory and pray for them.
  • For birthday or Christmas, ask for money for The 900 Project, instead of getting stuff for yourself.
  • Start a club at your school or work to raise awareness and funds.
  • Attend some of The 900 Project events throughout this year.  

Get Your Family Involved:

  • Talk with your family about ways that you all can save money to give to The 900 Project.
  • Get one or a few of the coin latrine boxes and collect change throughout this year for The 900 Project.
  • At each family meal, take time to pray for those in Tilory who are sick because of not having a proper toilet.
  • During Christmas, have a focus on The 900 Project instead of now getting stuff.

Get Your School Involved:

  • Talk with a teacher or principal about starting a club for The 900 Project.
    • Through the club, do a couple of fund raising events:  bake sale, car wash, give out coin latrine boxes, etc.

Get Your Church Involved:

  • Talk with your church’s leadership about having The 900 Project come to your church to show a video and to talk about how people can get involved.
  • Give out the coin latrine boxes to kids, youth and families at your church.
  • Sell Project 900 T-shirts to help raise money.



Answers To Your Questions


If I donate to The 900 Project, what percentage of my money will actually be used building round 2?

Funds donated to The 900 Project will be used solely for the construction of Round 2 and implementation of the Project. The 900 Project members from the U.S. will be receiving absolutely zero financial compensation.

Will I be receiving a tax exemption for my donation?

Yes, The 900 Project, Inc. is a recognized not–for-profit 501(c)(3) public charity.  Donations are tax deductible under section 170 of the Federal Tax Code.

Where are the materials for the CHURCH & SCHOOL going to come from?  Do we plan on shipping them in from the U.S.?

The materials will be purchased on the island for installation. Shipping the materials in from the U.S. is far too expensive, and just unnecessary.

Who will actually be building the CHURCH & SCHOOL?  Will a construction crew be hired?  Are members of the 900 Project going down there to build them?

The 900 Project is currently working with an area director of a large humanitarian group.  He has organized the building of the latrines and is now helping us with the construction of the church and school.    He will be working along with the local church, in creating a committee of church leaders and trusted members of the community.  This committee will oversee the construction in Tilory.

Much of the labor for the project will be paid.  However, citizens of the village and local church will also be contributing in the construction.  By helping in the construction, the people will be allowed to take some ownership of this project, rather than just receiving a free handout.